Come throw a leg over the latest and greatest from a whole mess of bike manufacturers like Transition, Yeti, Santa Cruz, REEB, Ibis, Surly and more. Check out some fresh Industry 9 wheels and Cane Creek Suspension. 

It's up to each vendor how long a bike can go out, 1 - 2 hours is typical. This is allows as many people as possible to try out bikes. If you know there is a specific bike you'd like to try, show up early, better yet show up on Friday (longer demo hours available). If you want to come to the festival, but know you want to ride all day rent a bike from one of our great local shops or bring your own.

  • Bring your helmet, pedals and cycling shoes
  • Bring your credit card and ID (for damage/security deposit)

* Please note:
If you're under 18, please have a parent or guardian accompany you to your demo

If you are interested in becoming a vendor please email cashion@thebikefarm.com